The Rochester Community Players

RCP Auditions

General information:

All Rochester Community Players auditions are opening casting; there are no roles pre-cast.

Auditioners are encouraged to bring a theatrical resume or CV, a photo (if you are unknown to the director), a pen or pencil, and your personal water bottle.

Auditioners are encouraged to pre-register for auditions, or at least prepare their audition forms ahead of time and bring them to auditions. The online registration form is below, after information on specific upcoming auditions.

Next Auditions for the Rochester Community Players


 Summer Shakespeare at the Highland Bowl

Auditions will be held on the St. John Fisher College Campus

Monday Feb 15; 6-9 p.m., (Cleary Family Auditorium in Kearney Bldg.)
Tuesday, Feb 16; 6-10 p.m. (Basil Building Room 135)

The Rochester Shakespeare Players & Wallbyrd Theater Company are thrilled to be joining forces for their 2016 Summer Bowl performance of Romeo and Juliet - breathing new life into one of Shakespeare's most memorable plays, and one of the world's most immortal love stories. This production will be staged at the Highland Park Bowl from July 8-23rd (No performances Mondays and Thursday evenings)

Directed by Virginia Monte

Stage Combat Direction by Alec Barbour

Choreographed by Anne Wilcox.

Auditioners are asked to attend one of the auditions dates listed above. Callbacks will be scheduled for Wednesday the 24th with location TBA. There will be three parts to this audition process. First round will include an acting and dance segment. Callbacks will include an acting and combat segment.

Auditioners are encouraged to bring...

 •A prepared monologue of their choice (contemporary and/or period appropriate). Audition Sides will be provided.

•Comfortable, movement ready clothes and footwear.

•A headshot and resume (if you have not emailed one in advance).

 •A list of all rehearsal conflicts. We do our best to work around conflicts, but only if they are identified early.

To schedule an Audition! Please fill out the online audition form at  or contact us at . Audition form is at the bottom of the audition page. Fill out and submit via online. Due to the conceptual direction of this production, most roles will be open to either gender and age variations. This will be a color-blind casting audition! Rehearsals are evenings and weekends, 3-6 days per week, depending on the demands of the role. Rehearsals are expected to begin in mid-April. For more information please check out ; or

WallByrd and RCP feel strongly about giving as many artist a chance to participate as possible. If you are unavailable for the audition dates we will accept an acting reel or digital video submission, as well as the possibility of a private audition time. However keep in mind it is always preferable to see you with others and in person. Email us ASAP to make arrangements. Please note, we will not accept auditions or inquiries submitted after the 15th and 16th audition dates.

For any further information that can be given you may contact Director, Virginia Monte at; or Producer, Carl Girard at 

All's Well that Ends Well

Performance Dates (10):
April 8, 9, 10(m), 14, 15, 16, 17(m), 21, 21 and 23, with evening shows at 7:30 PM
and two Sunday matinees (m) at 2 PM.

All’s Well That Ends Well is the tale of Helena, a worthy woman of low birth, and her pursuit of the hand of Bertram, her true love. Her quest is attended by all the intrigue and comedic insight for which Shakespeare is known, and in a fairy tale-like setting for this production. This project will also entail plenty of learning and development of your performance skills under the direction of doctor of theatrical arts, CeCe McFarland.

Roles and Age Ranges:

Parolles—M—30’s-40’s (can be younger or older)
Countess of Rousillon—F—50’s-60’s
King of France—M—60’s-70’s
Lord Lafew—M—60’s-70’s
Clown Lavatch—M—20’s-30’s
Widow Capilet—F—50’s-70’s

Ensemble of lords, ladies, attendants, soldiers of a variety of ages. Will play: Duke of Florence, Lords 1-4, Steward, Page, Messenger, Mariana, Violenta, French Gentleman, Soldiers

Village Gate Auditions – Directions to room D-218 .Find the elevator near The Gate House Restaurant inside and take the elevator to the second floor. Exiting the elevator, turn right and walk all the way to the end of that long hall. D-218 is the last room on the right at the south end of that building.

Dazzle Theatre Auditions – Dazzle is located at 110 Webster Avenue, just two blocks from S. Goodman. Take S. Goodman from Main St. E., turn right at Webster Ave. and the theater is two blocks ahead on the right. Parking is available.

Produced by James Landers; for more information please contact Jim at:halfmoon (at) or call: (585)315-6122.

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Pre-audition and Online audition application Rochester Community Players:

INSTRUCTIONS: Please copy this form below into a word processing program or an email message, fill this out ahead of time, print it out, and bring it to auditions, along with your theater resume or CV and, if you wish, a head shot photo.

IF YOU WISH, you may also email it to us ahead of time, but DO NOT RELY on the email copy, bring a printed copy to auditions as well. We ENCOURAGE email applications. Please feel free to include along with the email application a scanned copy of your theater resume or CV and a head shot photo.

EMAIL INSTRUCTIONS: Subject line: please put in the subject line of the email you are sending us production you are auditioning followed by the word "auditions", and then your last name, first name and the  for (example: "Lear 2014 auditions Smith John")

For ALL auditions: Send ONE COPY of your email application to rochestercommunityplayers (at) gmail (dot) com

1) Your name, as you want it in the program, LAST NAME FIRST:

2) Roles you are interested in:

3)  Please check one:

[ ]I will not accept any other role
[ ]I will accept any other principal role
[ ]I will accept any other speaking role
[ ]I think this is such an exciting idea, I would accept any role, even a non-speaking ensemble or “supernumerary” role

4) In the event you are not cast, OR if you are interested in working on the show but not as an actor, would you be interested in doing:
[ ] Technical, lighting or backstage crew work?
[ ] Stage managing?
[ ] Props work?
[ ] Costuming work?
[ ] Ushering?
[ ] Publicity?
[ ] Sound board or light board operation

5) Mailing address (street, city, zip):

6) Email:

7) Facebook or other social media contact info:

8) Cell phone number:

9) Any other phone number you may be reached at (please describe):

10) Age range:

11) Height:

12) Weight:

13) Clothing sizes (for costuming):

14) Occupation:

15) If you are a student, what grade are you in and what school do you attend?

16) Training and/or academic background in theater:

17) Please list any Stage fighting experience or training:

18) Do you play any musical instruments? [ ]NO [ ]YES:. If so, what instrument?

19) Please list any singing and/or dancing training:

20) Please list other entertainment talents (juggling; acrobatics, belching etc.):

21) CONFLICT LIST: please list ALL dates you are not available during part or all of the evenings Monday through Friday and during the day or evenings Saturday and Sunday. See the performance and rehearsal time periods, above, for the production you are auditioning for. :

22) THEATER EXPERIENCE: Please EITHER attached a resume or CV to this application, OR provide the following information (or both, if you prefer)

A) Previous acting roles you have done with the Rochester Community Players (including Shakespeare Players and Irish Players) (role, name of show, theater location, year):

B) Previous non-acting positions you have done in productions with the Rochester Community Players (such as director, costumer etc.) (role, name of show, theater location, year):

C) Previous roles you have done in productions with other theater companies (list the name of the role, the name of the show, name of the company, location of the company if not Rochester, and the year of the show; specify if any of the experiences were professional; include firm, video and TV):

D) Previous non-acting positions you have done in productions with other theater, film, video or TV companies (list the name of the position, the name of the show,name of the company, location of the company if not Rochester, and the year of the show):